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The Boardroom Entrepreneur

You want to change things at work - but how?

Entrepreneurs are the masters of change in the modern business environment: visionary, flexible, innovative. Large, established organizations look ponderous in comparison - but they need to change too, now more than ever. Can they learn from entrepreneurs? Or is the culture clash just too great?

Mike Southon and Chris West, authors of the bestselling BEERMAT ENTREPRENEUR, believe that established institutions can harness the entrepreneurial passions and skills of their people. In this book, they show how to do this, in a clear step-by-step way that maps the entrepreneurial process onto the life of the corporate or public-sector innovator.

Many pitfalls and dangers await the intrepid 'intrapreneur' and his or her boss - but this book will reveal how these can be overcome, and the goal of a vibrant, innovative and motivated organization achieved.

This is a book for all imaginative managers, CEOs, civil servants, investors - anyone determined to foster creativity and change in their organization.

A manual for people who want to make things happen in large organisations. However you do it, make sure your boss reads this book!

Authors: Mike Southon & Chris West

Distributor: Random House Australia
ISBN: 1844138186
Price: $39.95


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