The Secret to Personal Development

Online Home Based businesses are becoming more and more attractive, particularly to working women as they continue to face rising Fuel & Day Care costs, not to mention the time wasted in commuting. More people are looking for ways to create extra income streams than ever before. Val Howard has found the answer ...

Val Howard has been a successful business woman and Entrepreneur for close to 20 years and involved in her own Home Based Business since 2001.

Having run a successful home business in the Direct Selling industry for over 7 years, and being an avid reader and student of Personal Development for even longer, it was a natural transition for Val to expand her business into the area of Personal Development.

Why all the commotion about Personal Development?

"Australians invest more money into Personal Development per capita, than any other country in the world. When I did my own research, and understood the size of the industry ($11Billion last year and continuing to grow), I realized I had the perfect platform to teach a lot of people how to capitalize on this booming industry" said Val.

"The Personal Development marketplace is growing faster than ever, with record growth of more than 50% since the year 2001" Val shared. "Not since the days of the rocketing Internet has there been an opportunity to create wealth so quickly. In a time when people are tired of struggling and 'settling for average', this is a business that empowers people and is Recession Proof".

Val believes an essential ingredient to success is to assist people from all walks of life to get what they truly want and deserve. "I love assisting people to realize their dreams, to re-design and live life on their terms. Those dreams are often related to achieving more time freedom, financial freedom, better health or creating extra income streams from the comfort of their own home".

The Opportunity:

People who have the desire to change their lives and financial situation will benefit with the Home Business Opportunity Val provides. Her business "The Secret To Personal Development" teaches people how to utilize the principles that were highlighted in the movie "The Secret" (the Law of Attraction), using a very simple, yet lucrative system.

The business has a minimal investment, particularly when compared to buying a traditional business or a Franchise. With a laptop and a phone you can quite literally be up and running within a couple of days. A simple 3 step automated system takes care of the explaining, so there is no 'selling and no convincing', and as it is not an MLM, there is no 'making a list of family & friends' to tackle, no weekly or monthly meetings, no annual 're-qualifications' and no home parties.

Val Howard

If you are looking for new income opportunities with a residual income stream contact Val Howard now and see how Val can help you create the ideal personal development business that can set you on the right path to financial security. This home business opportunity is ideal for those currently searching for:

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Val Howard


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