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The Street

The Street

Cath Hanley (Lorraine Ashbourne) lives on the street with three children, the eldest of whom is Ian (Matt Smith). Husband Vinnie (David MacReedy) is in prison, awaiting trial following a drugs deal. Jan (Gina McKee), Cath's sister, lives across the street with husband Danny (Lorcan Cranitch) and their only son, Gary (Kieran Bew).

Gary has been accepted into the Navy, and Ian joins his cousin for a night out. After a pub crawl, they head home in a taxi, but Gary gets out to be sick. The driver's had enough and drives on with just Ian in the back. Ian shouts at the driver to stop and wait for his cousin. Thinking that Ian is going to become a problem, the driver stops and becomes violent. Gary arrives at the scene and lays into the driver, slamming his head in the cab door. With the driver unconscious, Ian persuades Gary to run off before they're caught. Ian stays to help the injured driver. Suddenly other cab drivers arrive, they automatically assume that Ian is to blame and hold him as they wait for the police.

In the morning Jan and Cath pick Ian up from the police station. Ian doesn't blow Gary's cover, but tells him that he'll have to come forward. Gary agrees, but Ian doubts his promises. Gary prepares to leave for the Navy and has a farewell party. Ian reluctantly attends, but is later taken away by the police, as the taxi driver has now died from his injuries. Ian asks Gary to hand himself in.

Jan realises what has been going on, as does her husband, Danny. Back home, Danny tells Gary to do the right thing, but Jan won't hear of it. Gary decides to take responsibility for his actions: he goes to the police station to do the right thing. But will he?

The Street
Tuesday, 29 June 2010


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