Toddler Taming The Guide to Your Child from one to four

TODDLER TAMING, based on the international best-selling book which sold over 1 million copies worldwide and is now available on DVD for the first time. Written and presented by Dr Christopher Green, who has over 30 years' experience and is at the forefront of Child Development and Behaviour and is one of Australia's best-known parenting authorities. TODDLER TAMING is the essential guide for parents with toddlers.

"The important things in child care will always remain: love, consistency, example, tension-free homes and above all sensible expectations" Dr Christopher Green Author of TODDLER TAMING.

The definitive guide sold over one million copies and made Dr Christopher Green a household name and saviour to parents around the world.

Now available for the first time as a 3 disc DVD set, TODDLER TAMING offers friendly practical advice for a new generation of parents with children at the challenging stage of toddlerdom.

Written and presented by Australia's best-known parenting authority Dr. Christopher Green, a consultant paediatrician and Head of the Child Development Unit at the Sydney Children's Hospital, TODDLER TAMING is considered the essential guide to raising a child between 1 to 4 years.

Dr. Green's methods, based on over thirty years' experience, will help you to enjoy the toddler years. His reassuring message to parents is to remember you are normal and not alone. Parents of babies and toddlers will find these DVDs packed full of practical advice and well-tried tips presented in Christopher Green's straightforward and humorous way.

Presented over three discs, TODDLER TAMING also includes real parents who bring with them a host of real problems and offers easy-to-navigate chapter and topic menus.TODDLER TAMING DISC CONTENTS


Welcome to Toddlerhood and Understanding Child Development:Confidence is the key - What makes toddlers tick?, What's normal behaviour?,The 7 reasons children behave badly; The secret of positive parenting.
Discipline: Putting parents back in charge, How to handle tantrums and other tricks. Strict or laid back parenting - does it really matter?, The 12 point plan to improve discipline.


Solving Sleep and Food Problems: Night waking, Bedtime Blues, Shared beds, The famous Green Controlled Crying Technique.
Food Without Fights: Practical advice on diet, weight, teeth, smacking or not? Managing the Hunger Striker and the Milkaholic.
Growing Up: Playgroups, Day Care, Pre-school, Common problems.
Sibling Rivalry: Handling sibling squabbles, Different temperaments, Defusing fights, Preparing for a new baby.


The Good Working Parent: Working mothers DON'T disadvantage children, Getting good child care, HELP - they're sick!, Making time together special.
Children with Disabilities - can we help?: Some common conditions, Dealing with Uncertainty, How parents feel, The shock of diagnosis and coming to terms, Advice for Friends and Family.

TODDLER TAMING on DVD is rated G and runs for 320minutes, across three discs and beautifully packaged in a box set.
Available from all DVD retailers nationally.
Presented by Dr Christopher Green


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