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ToolbarBrowser is the all in one toolbar authoring and toolbar management solution for you. You can save space whilst having access to multiple toolbars more efficiently through ToolbarBrowser built-in tabbed control capability. ToolbarBrowser will enhance your internet browsing experience through it's array of standard features for search, navigation, popup blocking, etc. You will never need another toolbar authoring tool ever again.

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ToolbarBrowser allows you to take the best features from all your favourite toolbars and combine them into your own super toolbar. Because the ToolbarBrowser is also a complete authoring tool, which is exactly what you can do. Designing a new toolbar is a simple as creating a HTML pages. Toolbars can be written in XML, HTML, Java or even Flash.

ToolbarBrowser is also absolutely free and comes with no Adware, Popups, Pop-unders or hidden Spyware attached. No royalties or fees need to be made. Enjoy all the benefits this all in one toolbar authoring software have to offer at zero the expense. With the help of ToolbarBrowser, you can now build your own browser toolbar and distribute it for your website, service or business whilst building your customer loyalty and brand awareness with it. Simply insert the toolbar code into any web page and you are ready for toolbar distribution.

Key features listed below:

  • Tabbed control to save toolbar space.
  • Popup Blocking
  • Highlight search text
  • Fully programmable with XML support
  • Create your own toolbars
  • Add Toolbars to your web site
  • Standard IE buttons and links replacement to save browser space
  • Popularity Index (PI Rank)
  • And more...

Standard Toolbars

  • Search Bar - Meta search most major search engines
  • Pay per Click engine meta search toolbar
  • Links toolbar replacement to save browser toolbar space
  • Standard IE buttons replacement to save browser toolbar space
  • Favourites toolbar for easy access to your favourite links
  • Search Engine Optimisation toolbar loaded with SEO tools & features
  • And more...
  • Extensive Toolbar Library of user contributed toolbars

Where else will you find a product that offers so much yet require nothing in return? Don't hesitate; download a copy now and test run ToolbarBrowser today.

Download ToolbarBrowser plugin and the Toolbar


  • Minimum requirements: Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP with IE installed.
  • Currently ToolbarBrowser only works with Internet Explorer v5.0 and above.


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