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For those of you who know a bit about computers and the Internet we have a real treat for you. And for those that are still a bit scared we have something to help you find your way.

The newly released Trellian Toolbar is the perfect aid to guide you through the Internet, and best of all it's FREE!!!

FREE!! Toolbar
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Neatly attaching to your current web browser (Internet Explorer - you know the blue 'e') the Trellian Toolbar allows you to explore and search multiple Search Engines at a time from a single Toolbar query. This means you get the best results in the least amount of time from the top engines. Now that's handy! Once you have download the Toolbar it automatically appears on your Internet Explorer Toolbar. You can run searches at any time, without having to return to a specific Search Engine's home page to start your search. You can even refine your search to a particular website to quickly find resources, images, files, information, products and much more...

Designed to make life simple on the Internet, the Toolbar has 7 tabs (or folders) that contain useful tools, they help you get the most out of the Internet. Not only that, but they are categorized so you can find them easily. Some of them are free, others (more professional webmaster tools) you will have to pay a small amount for, but they all have trial versions so you can work out what you need. Some of the demo versions may be enough for what you are trying to achieve so check the Toolbar out... surfers to entrepreneurs it has it all!

The Toolbar is compact so it doesn't take over your viewing space in your browser, it even contains a tab for your favorite links & shortcuts so they can be neatly ordered and still accessed easily.

So how does this help you? Well it saves you time when searching for websites, information, products, images, files, software and much more. As the Internet grows I find it harder to find what I'm looking for. Too much clutter and websites listed under un-related keywords or sex sites masked as normal traders, prove frustrating and costly to our valuable time. It's easy to get lost in cyberspace and be sidetracked here and there, but with the Trellian Toolbar I found what I needed fast. Apart from that there are loads of Free applications, useful ones... so how can you go wrong. It doesn't interfere with your settings or mess up you computer (yeah that's right mum). So let's look at some of the other free useful stuff.

To access the following you will need to click on each button that asks if you would like to install the program. Install what you would like to use at anytime and check for upgrades as well here are some helpful freebies:

  • Spellchecker
    We could all use a bit of help here, not many are touch typists these days, and most of the time we are in such a hurry that we miss type words all the time, then there are those abbreviations that we have come to accept as normal. np, fyi, btw to name a few, it's ok with friends but it's really not very professional and won't win you any deals.
    Eliminate pop-up and pop-under ads... how annoying are they.

  • World Time
    Figure out what time it is anywhere in the world. Once you have installed this application, your computer automatically reads where you are located and gives you time in relation to its base. You can see when the sun rises and sets, daylight hours, sunlight angle, time zones plus the longitude and latitude. You can zoom in to country specific regions, this is fun... who can I wake up?
    Remember this is a trial version so you will need to purchase it if you like. I did and it was worth it, the full version includes cloud weather maps that are updated every 3 hours, cool... planning a holiday? Family or friends overseas? And much more...

  • Page Content Extractor
    Now make sure you don't steal Intellectual Property here, but if you want to get the contents of a web page but don't want the graphics because they tend to mess with the printers mind (memory chip) and we all want to save the trees, this is a really good option. Plus it makes easier reading.

  • Whois
    Find out who owns the site... ah ha, I know what you are thinking.

  • SEO Server
    Gives a preview of the site and its links to other sites, useful in searches, before loading a page (some take forever), preview and eliminate sites that have no relevance.

  • Trellian WebPage
    Aa Free HTML editor, just what I needed, now I can build my own site and publish it on the net, but I'm still going to need a web host and guess what, they do that too. Register a domain name, they have that as well. Check out the services folder.

  • Trellian Button Factory
    the trial version will allow you to create buttons and web graphics without any prior experience or artist ability... I like that, I struggle to draw a stick figure....but you can only save one at a time, anymore and you will have to buy the program... it's an inexpensive way to do your multimedia for web or presentation.

  • Traffic Stats
    from Alexa, now this one I love, see how you rate against other sites. Try this with or and see how you stack up. Anyone know who number 1 is?

  • Link Popularity
    many engines use link popularity to rank your website listing (of course you need to submit it first... see SubmitWolf, the more links you have the higher you will rank, you can use this feature to check how your site is doing and compare with your competitors.

  • Code Pad
    this one is for the webmasters out there. Typically you would 'view source' to find out all the ins and outs of a site. For most of us, it's just a load of mumbo jumbo but to the trained eye (webmasters or html guru's) it's the cosmetics & beautician behind the perfect makeup. It's what makes the site look so cool, keeps the images and text in place, we could all use a bit of that. So how can it help you and how is it different to the MS one? It's color coded... cool, not only prettier, but much easier to read than black & white. You can actually find what you are looking for (like that broken image - or bold a heading that is a bit dull) make changes easily or copy information you need, saves heaps of time.

  • Traceroute
    this is for you webmasters out there. Checks all the servers you go through and how fast before you end up at a website. If a website is down this is useful to check which links are down... handy.

  • Server Header Checker
    checks the status of webpage/website. What?... ok this is another one for the webmasters and system admin people out there. Accidents happen and this will help you prevent it. The Server Header Checker will check if your page is configured correctly, check if a page has a redirect (this can stop engines from indexing your page). Plus whether or not there are index or follow up tags that engines aren't too fond of, they can be useful to you if you don't want particular pages crawled, but if you are wondering why your pages is not being spidered, this could be the reason.

  • SEO Knowledgebase
    a webmaster MUST have and I mean this with all sincerity. With out this knowledge your website is never going to get top ranking or traffic that you can boast about. And best of all this advice is free. If you are serious about having a presence or trading online and don't read this then "g.. help you, cause you will need it". Arm yourself with all the tricks of the trade, but if you've got the money I'd recommend purchasing BOT, SubmitWolf and investing in some Priority Submissions all available through the one software.... Webmasters dream.

  • ROI Calculators
    advertiser/marketer's tool. There are three different calculators to choose from here, depending on the information you have and what you want to know. The first; calculates roughly what you will earn through an advertising campaign. By calculating the cost per visitor you can work out from your sales if this campaign is worthwhile or not for you. The second CPM (cost per thousand) to CPC (cost per click) allows you to work out how much you can afford to spend per visitor on advertising based on your average conversion of traffic. It's really quite simple you enter in the traffic conversion rate as a %, type in your average profit per product and the % of spending you can allocate to a marketing campaign. The calculator will give you the PPC maximum amount you can afford to pay.
    Option 3 is for if you already know what you are paying for an advertising campaign per click and you want to calculate what profit you should make.

All this from the one Toolbar... what can I say... install it now, you will love it.

System requirements.
- Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
- Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later



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