Twin Caverns Crimes

"We want sharp feelings..."

Sydney band, Twin Caverns have been relatively quiet of late. They haven't released any new music in just over a year, but this week they share a brand new beauty, Crimes.
Lou Millar and Michael Macias have just recently invited bassplayer Chuffy Smith into their little crew, as they continue to balance electronica with more organic, humanised instrumentation.
While we may not have heard any new material from Twin Caverns over the last 12 months, their online presence has continued to grow, collecting over 8 million streams across Spotify since their last release, and their track Undiscover was also featured on US TV series Suits.
Written and produced between Sydney and Canberra, Crimes pairs syncopated rhythms with a stripped back, bluesy feel. Millar's vocals add a sultry drawl to the soulful and expressive licks that any great trip-hop song has.
"We love working with a field recorder as the basis for new sounds, especially percussion. We started off throwing around a whole bunch of sticks and branches to see what we could capture. What initially began as sounding like an on old Western soundtrack score, grew into something totally different once Lou's vocals were put down."
Crimes is about the small acts of hurt we commit towards each other and ourselves.
"We want sharp feelings – pleasure is pain is pleasure is pain."
Crimes is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and Sydney fans can catch them playing live at Newsagency in Annandale on January 13th.


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