Where's my Willy

Where's my Willy

The funniest, sauciest Hens Party game ever is just about to burst onto the Australian market!
It's called "Where's my Willy?" and his brand new website is www.wheresmywilly.com.au.

Willy and his 31 hilarious, cheeky, slightly risqué, Aussie mates, spring to life in a unique, fun, cartoon format that's sure to tickle most people's fancy without offence! After all, isn't that what Hens Parties are all about?

Extensive worldwide market research was conducted to ensure Willy stands way up above any other broadly similar products, in both visual appeal, fun and production quality. Hundreds of girls who took advantage of Willy's "Free Test Party" trial offers have confirmed that fact. Most are still undergoing intensive treatment for HLS. (Hysterical Laughter Syndrome)


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