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GPs Keeping women on drugs in the dark


94.5 per cent of women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be weaned off their chemical cocktails within five months says British health expert Maryon Stewart.

Ms Stewart, founder of the Natural Health Advisory Service and author of 24 books on issues such as menopause, sex drive and fertility, places the blame on the nation’s GPs: "Our Menopause Management Survey surveyed 1084 women", says Ms Stewart. "The message was clear - doctors aren’t giving women the information they need to make an informed decision on HRT. As far as our doctors are concerned it’s pills or nothing - much to the delight of the pharmaceutical companies."

Ms Stewart, who will conduct Get Fit Into Midlife Workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in April recommends scientifically-based natural therapies which include making dietary changes, taking supplements that have been shown to be helpful in clinical trials, moderate exercise and relaxation. The all day workshops look at how to detect and correct nutritional deficiencies in order to normalize brain chemistry and hormone function and meet the needs of the oestrogen receptor sites using phytoestrogens. The program is aimed at overcoming short-term symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, helps to protect bones, heart and memory in the long-term as well as improving libido at the time of the menopause and fertility in those who have a premature menopause.

Maryon Stewart is informed, straight-talking and passionate. Wisegirls:

Get Fit Into Midlife Workshops: Melbourne, Saturday April 16, Melbourne Convention Centre, Sydney, Saturday April 23, Dockside Cockle Bay; Brisbane, Saturday April 30, Sofitel Hotel. Cost $90 + gst


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