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World Of Books

Hailed from the UK, the used book e-tailer World of Books is expanding into the Australian market with the launch of their new website, cementing their commitment to literary love and sustainable environmental practices by continuing the longevity of a good book.

With their wide selection of quality used books, low prices and free delivery anywhere in Australia, World of Books offers their Australian customers a practical alternative when it comes to buying a book. World of Books aims to make the books more accessible for Australians by offering a wide variety of titles at great prices appealing to a wide range of customers making the written word an affordable every day purchase rather than a luxury.

Originally launching through Amazon and eBay as part of the 'used' book category, the company quickly expanded internationally - now shipping on average over 10,000 books per day all over the world! The launch of will enable the company to sell pre-loved books directly to Australians in 2013 from their soon-to-be-opened warehouse in Melbourne or Sydney.

World of Books was started by entrepreneur, Arthur Maxfield, who, when passing a charity shop in his local town of Worthing, saw a skip bin filled with unsold books ready to be sent to the tip. When enquiring with the shop owner about the use of the books, he saw an opportunity to purchase good-quality surplus books from charities and sell them online to savvy consumers, saving the literary treasures from ending up in landfill.

It wasn't long before World of Books expanded their reach by partnering with some of the most well-known charities in the UK, including Salvation Army, Cancer Research, and British Heart Foundation, to purchase their unwanted books rescuing them from landfill.

"Australia has been an important market for our great value books for some time and I am delighted that we have now launched our brand new local website

We have over one and a half million quality used books in stock and this new site makes them even more accessible to Australian book lovers. With books to suit all interests I am sure that our Australian customers will find what they are looking for and see for themselves how low our prices really are.

So why not give World of Books a try and if you like what you find, pass the word on?"- Stephen Boobyer, Managing Director

Some quick stats on World of Books
Through their national (UK) logistics network, World of Books handles 150,000 books per day from over 1,400 charity shops.
The books purchased in the last four years amounts to millions in revenue for charities as a result of their relationship with World of Books.
World of Books purchases books by the tonne, with 80% of the inbound books being sent for recycling, and the remaining 20% being offered for sale online.
Each book is screened and graded for condition ensuring only the best quality books are offered for sale .
World of Books only sells books that are in good condition from those that haven't found a home after being on sale at charity shops.
Their warehouse is 11,000 square metres - over half the size of an AFL football field - and the company employs 300 people.
Each year World of Books sells over four million books to consumers.

With the digital age taking over, books are becoming harder to find, World of Books is a Treasure for those who enjoy like me a phyical paper book. Keep them alive!


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