Sanda Weigl, Gypsy Killer

Sanda Weigl, Gypsy Killer

Sanda Weigl says "When I was a little girl in my native town of Bucharest, the gypsies showed me how to sing and how to live. And later in East Berlin when the state put me in jail (a badge of honor for many artists) gypsy music kept me alive. When the jail door opened, I packed my bags and hit the road and followed the Trail of the Gypsies. It took me right to New York City where I met Anthony Coleman and the wonderful musicians who helped me create this album-giving my own voice to the ancient gypsy tunes and styles of the many countries I have passed through.

Track listing:
1. Trenule masina mica: the never ending chase after the object of desire... humorous love song sung at weddings and festive gatherings
2. Lume lume: hauntingly beautiful melody embracing the poetry of sadness about the tentative nature of life
3. Ciuleandra: maybe the most popular song in Romania, peppered with funny calls
4. Recrutii: a father's lament as his son is about to join the military
5. Butelcuta mea: satricial drinking song from Moldavia
6. Pina cind nu te iubeam: ancient poetic Gypsy song with strong oriental influences lamenting the pain of love
7. Cintec din Oas: desperate cries of a man rejected and betrayed by all the women in the world
8. Cine iubeste si lasa: the dramatic curse on all who betray their true love
9. Valeleu: funny, sarcastic song summing up a totally absurd dowry
10. Cintec de leagan: tender old lullaby.

Sanda Weigl has created a beautiful CD which is perfect for those who are interested in gypsy music or wish to listen to gypsy music.

Gypsy Killer is produced by Anthony Coleman and features Marc Ribot, Glen Velez, Roy Nathanson, Briggan Krauss, Brad Jones and many other downtown luminaries.


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