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Hypnosis 13 - Control the Gaming Urge

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Hypnosis is proven to reduce and eliminate addictive gambling habits. This CD can help free you from the destruction of habital gambling. Rapidly overcome the scourge of gambling habits and addictions.

All CDs feature the latest scientific audio technology, Dr. Collingwood's clinical techniques in advanced trance hypnotherapy plus positive subliminal messages. All ten CDs are 60 minute clinical sessions of hypnotherapy recorded with Dr Rick Collingwood Ph.D.

It's safe and effortless and can be conducted in the privacy of your own home.

How it all works
Level 1 - Spoken Voice - To induce hypnosis and re-educate the subconscious mind.
Level 2 - Constant F Sharp - Deep trance inducing frequencies.
Level 3 - Subliminal Impulses - Subliminal messages program from proven maximum effectiveness.
Level 4 - Theta Rhythm - Frequency to sustain trance.

Unit cost: $31.00

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